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Making Your Dentistry Matter.  Making implies action. My creative process does not end in thought or discussion-it ends with your well being. Your health goals and dental ideas are developed to their fullest potential here and not just passed and overlooked. Dentistry is what I do, health and beauty are what I give.

My Motto: “Be true to your patients and the work you do for them and your work and patient will be true to you.”
In my experience being true to you means allowing your health-rather than money, insurance companies and other outside influences-to control the outcome.

Health is health, everything else is everything else. And I make health matter, in the sense that it needs to be your goal and desire. It transcends speculations and insurance codes; it is exciting and inspiring, while remaining firmly grounded in the reality of time constraints and budgets.

"Making your health matter is what I love to do".

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