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"You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself."

"Because you have been part of an occurrence that has been lifted beyond the ordinary, you begin to tell others about it. In telling, you are celebrating both the extraordinary attitude of the caregiver and your own importance in being the object of such attention"


My patient's stories..........


"I had no idea that my numerous health problems were related to my TMJ and misaligned bite.

The appearance of my teeth suffered from severe clenching and were even starting to become painful from chipping and decaying enamel.

My neck and upper back muscles were always in knots and neck spasms began to affect my daily routine.

I was diagnosed with moderately severe carpel tunnel in both hands and had to have surgery as a result of my clenching.

After meeting Dr. M and learning about NMD I realized how my misaligned bite was the cause of my health problems, sleepless nights, and teeth condition.

After just 2 days with my NMD orthotic I began noticing improvements. My neck, jaw, and upper back were virtually pain free. I was sleeping through the night and believe it or not my yoga poses had improved too!

I am amazed at the results from this procedure and can't thank Dr. M enough for his amazing talents, and continued professionalism throughout the procedure."

                           Michelle G.,Massachusetts,USA


I started my treatment with Dr. Mehregan in February 2013. I developed TMJD 6 years ago and my condition got progressively worse. I had treatment at home (in the UK) which unfortunately did not work for me. After looking into different treatments and having many discussions with other TMJD sufferers and finally Dr. Mehregan himself I decided to move to Boston for a year to have treatment with him.

Dr. Mehregan has always been very helpful, even when I hadn't even decided on having my treatment with him and did not know if I could come to the USA. My husband always accompanies me to my appointments and Dr. Mehregan is very considerate, always including both of us in discussions. He is very clear on what his plan of treatment is and patient in explaining what all the test results mean. He always makes sure that I am comfortable with what is happening.

Once I finally received my splint I was surprised at how quickly I saw results. As soon as it was in my mouth I was stronger, withing a few weeks I was attending the gym five days a week. That is a very big deal for me as I have not been able to and physical activity for a few years, I just felt so weak and tired before. I am 3-4 months into my treatment and my symptoms are 90 percent better. I rarely have a headache and if I do it is a dull ache instead of the intense headaches I had in the past. I can eat solid foods whenever I want and my energy levels are much better.

We are hopeful that due to such great results I will soon be moving into the second phase of my treatment. I am 26 years old and I finally feel my age instead of feeling like an old lady. My treatment may not be finished yet but I am definitely happy I made the decision to come to Boston and see Dr. Mehregan.

                                                                                              Beth M., London, UK

Dr. Mehregan is an amazing man. I feel so blessed and grateful to be working with such a caring and considerate dentist.

He is very detailed and precise with his work and shows a genuine kindness and patience for both his practice and his patients. He has always been extremely prompt and thorough at communicating any and every time I have had a question or concern. 

Those are just a few of the many things that set him above the rest. When I was directed to him I had almost given hope up that my husband and I would ever find someone who could help me.

Dr. M is able to think outside the box, and because of that we are making progress that I never thought possible. Thanks to him I have hope again.

                                               Emily H., Texas, USA

Hello, my name is Christine and I'm 45 years old. Starting in 2000, I suffered from severe TMJ. I saw many different doctors, including 2 dentists, 2 oral surgeons, and a TMJ specialist. None of them could help me. The only way I could function was to take 2-3 muscle relaxers a day and eat only soft foods. Unfortunately, as soon as I stopped taking the pills, my symptoms would return and they would be severe. The headaches and jaw pain were bad, but the worst was the extreme tension in my jaw that made it feel like my jaw was dislocated and the only thing that would feel better is if someone would "pop" it back in. 

The oral surgeon didn't think anything was wrong with going back on those muscle relaxers indefinitely, so I took them for 6 long years! Then in 2006, my husband saw Dr. Mehregan featured on the Channel 5 news talking about pain relief and new treatments of TMJ. I had to give it one more try as I knew it was crazy to be taking those pills for so long. 

I called that day and made an appointment and I'm so happy I did! From that day forward, I haven't taken a single muscle relaxer! It took years of palate expansions, splints and othodontics (my teeth were not always cooperative), but under Dr. Mehregan's care, I was always comfortable, could eat what I wanted with no pain, and was always informed of what he was doing and what would happen next for my care. 

Dr. Mehregan is patient and kind. He is also a perfectionist, like I said, my teeth didn't always cooperate and he was persistent to get things right even if it did take longer than expected. Thank you Dr. Mehregan for giving me a life without pain and medications! It is without hesitation that I would recommend to anybody seeking relief from TMJ to contact Dr. Mehregan!


                     Christine M., Quincy, USA

Hello....My name is Jill M., I am 41 years of age, and have been suffering with TMJD at some level since I was in highschool. I developed TMJD a couple months into traditional orthodontics.

My journey is a long one, with many failed treatments, attempts with certain medications, and other alternative treatments such as chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, and massotherapy.

I've tried upper splints, including so called deprogramming splints that only have you biting on the front part of your occlusion. I've also tried numerous lower splints, that were each made in a different manner, but increased my pain greatly, or at best maintained my bite so i could still eat and receive nourishment.

Several years ago when things were at their worst, (meaning I could hardly chew, off the chart pain level, no real quality of life), I hit the internet on a huge search to try and find something that made sense to me, that was not invasive, and that I could feel comfortable trying. I was reluctant to start treatment mainly due to the fact that I had gone through so many things that just did not help, and made me much worse in the end.

After much thought and research into Gneuromuscular Dentistry,  I decided to travel to Boston for treatment with Dr. Ramin Mehregan in January of 2012.

It was  life changing for me. The testing that is done to make the Gneuromuscular Orthotics are above and beyond what any doctor had done with my previous splints.

Dr. Mehregan was very patient with me, during this process seeing how severe i was, and how much muscular pain I had. After several days of testing, my bite was found, and  the findings sent to the lab. Within two weeks I was fitted for my new orthosis.

Immediately after I received the orthosis, I had a drop in my facial pain.This was very noticeable to me because that was my main complaint. Relentless cramping of my facial muscles was what i had lived with on a daily basis for a long time.

I was overjoyed...and so thankful to Dr. Mehregan and his skill, patience, and ability to finally be able to help me  feel relief. I am about a year and a half into treatment, still wearing my orthotic 24/7., and maintaining on any given day a 50-60% reduction in my pain.

I would like to take the time to personally thank Dr. Mehregan for giving me back what TMJD had stolen from me the past 20 plus years. I am now able to live my life again, and enjoy things such as playing with my children, and simply 'laughing' again with no pain. It's incredible what the disorder can rob you of...but I am on my way to recovery and it feels amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

                                                     Jill M., Illinois, USA

I brought my then 11 year-old daughter to Dr. Mehregan for a second opinion. She had been told by another orthodontist that she had a severe jaw misalignment and there was nothing to be done until she finished growing, approximately 16 or so, break her jaw, reset it, and then put her in braces. When I asked about any way to limit the effects or prevent them, he said there were none. 


Dr. Mehregan presented us with a different and less traumatic option. He used braces, wires and springs to adjust my daughter’s jaw. The difference is amazing! Within a year, her jaw is aligned, her teeth are beautiful and she does not need to have her jaw broken! We are thrilled with the results.


In addition to the results, the process was very smooth. Dr. Mehregan has appointment hours after school, unlike many other orthodontists we looked into. We were always taken at or before our scheduled appointment time, which usually meant we were in and out of the office within thirty minutes. 


I would highly recommend Dr. Mehregan for orthodontic care. He is highly skilled and very professional.


                                      Patricia M., Mother, Canton, USA

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